Missing ….

It’s so hard missing my Master…..we are still trying to get to know each other and I miss him….he is busy with work and we don’t have time to communicate right now…and no communication is like torture…..his best friend keeps an eye on me and keeps me in line while Master is gone….he is a nice man but does not fill the need I have for Master….

I am still trying to figure out this strong need I have for him. Its not a feeling I am familiar with…I am a strong submissive…..but with him it’s like I need him to take the control…I need him in my life……I have never felt the need for someone before….strange feeling….but I crave him



I’m a proud submissive…. I have wanted to live this life a very long time. ┬áMy life had taken me on a different journey for quite awhile and now I am finally able to embrace who and what I am …. what I choose to be….

In the past I have hurt a few people who wanted this life with me but I just couldn’t give them this part of me…. now I am ready and will give my all to this life and the person who will share it with me….

I opened this blog because I always have so much on my mind and no way of saying my thoughts….. and I thought what better way then to just write them….

So hello to who ever takes time to read this and thank you for reading my thoughts:)))